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The first step to having a baby is to become pregnant (obviously!).

Now, this seems like an easy task; you know, do the ‘deed’ and bob’s your uncle! This is the case for some couples but unfortunately not most. In most cases it takes six months of regular unprotected intercourse to conceive. As this is the case, the definition of ‘infertility’ (previously the inability to conceive after twelve months) has altered and specialists suggest a fertility check up after a six month period instead.

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Prior to this consultation, fertility specialists have some suggestions to help your chances of conceiving:

1) Time when you do the ‘deed’: Having intercourse 24-48 hours prior to ovulation enhances the chances of the woman falling pregnant (she is most fertile during this period of time). You can work this out using a fertility calculator (like the one on the Melbourne IVF website) and it is…

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